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Child Autism Diagnostic Assessments

Autism Assessments are carried out by Alison Hicks


  • Battery of pre-screeners and quantitative assessments sent to both parents and teachers.

  • 2 hour appointment for parent/s via Telehealth 

  • 1 hour appointment for child (ADOS - Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule)

  • School or kindergarten observation if necessary

  • Diagnostic report inclusive of recommendations.

  • Feedback appointment for parent - includes diagnostic report - approx. 4 weeks after ADOS appointment.

​Please note: Additional appointments may be required in complex cases and additional fees will apply in these cases. This will be discussed with you if applicable. See Fee Schedule below.​


  • While I endeavour to complete the assessment within the allocated time, in complex cases this is not always possible. It is important to be confident in the diagnostic decision so extra sessions, observations (school and other settings) and fees may be involved. If applicable, this will be discussed soon after your appointment.​ 


  • If you have also been referred for a language assessment, then a copy of this report is required prior to your psychology appointment. Therefore, ideally your psychology assessment should be booked for a date AFTER the speech assessment has been completed and you have the report.


  • Please Email to arrange an assessment at or call 0425 240 021

  • The initial payment of $500 is required at time of booking by direct transfer (non-refundable), you will be emailed an invoice by our reception. 

  • Once the initial payment is received, I start the assessment by emailing initial paperwork and questionnaires for you and your child's educator to complete. 

  • Once this information has been gathered an appointment will be made for the parent interview

  • PLEASE NOTE: Delays in returning paperwork may result in delays in the assessment process.



  • The cost for a full assessment is typically $2000, however this may change if additional assessments are required. The non-refundable deposit will be required prior to confirmation of booking and the full fee will be required on the day of assessment. 

  • Payment is broken down into 4 x $500 payments

  • School/Kindergarten visit - $200 + travel 

  • *Medicare rebates apply for the four assessment sessions with a referral from a Paediatrician


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