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Adult Autism Assessment


Please contact us to enquire or make a booking. Tel: 0425 240 021



An adult autism assessment consists of a minimum 4 x 1-hour sessions via Telehealth or face to face. During each session we will explore your history and current presentation to determine if an autism diagnosis makes sense of your experience. You will also be asked to complete additional questionnaires. Individual sessions are charged at $200

per one hour session.

Family members and partners can provide useful insight when going through this process and you are therefore  welcome to bring along a support person to sessions. At the end of the assessment process, you will be provided with a Diagnostic letter. If a report is required, an additional fee will apply.


Please contact Alison to discuss any questions you may have. There is no Medicare rebate available for assessments.

Alison Works from Allied Health Alliance Counselling rooms in Gisborne (the Nexus Centre). Assessments can also be provided via Telehealth


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